I’m a professional writer and journalist.

I began my career working as a news reporter covering hard news for a press agency. I then went freelance as a news journalist for a number of years, before turning to feature writing. I wrote my first book in 2010 and have since written a couple more.

I continue to write quite a lot about mental health and wellbeing, including regular news and features on the subject for Men’s Fitness magazine.

I write reviews, particularly of fusion music. Mainly I write these for Songlines Magazine, but other places too.

I write for other people too, if you’re interested in hiring me to write for you, get in touch.

I also write the occasional academic essay or paper, these tend to be on theology or the interplay of social science, politics, and theology.

Five days a week I send a (free) email out, with three paragraphs of something to think about, I call this my ‘weekday meditations’ project. You can read the most recent ones here.

During the first weeks of the UK Corona Virus lockdown I developed a project creating liturgies for the locked down – these are Liturgies in a Dangerous Time.

I have a blog on which I now mainly publish book reviews.

For a while I published a monthly essay, around 2000 – 3000 words on some random serious subject I’d been thinking about. I called this my ‘longform’ project.