New for 2019: project Longform

Responding to some feedback I’ve had from readers of my shortform writing, I am going to publish a new piece of ‘longform’ writing here on the last Saturday of every month, each will be available as a downloadable pdf.

These will be a mixture of longish pieces of writing (2000 – 3000 words): essays, articles and maybe some interviews on a number of topics, theological, political, social… (they’re all the same thing to me.)

All these resources are going to be available free of charge, but if you like you’re welcome to donate an amount of your choice when you download something(s). Alternatively you can save yourself a little inconvenience and sign up for a monthly subscription of £2.50. If you do, I will email you each month with the longform article (please drop me a line if you subscribe, to confirm your email address).

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The longform articles will remain free to download from this page, payment is entirely optional. You are free to use them as you would a newspaper, journal, or magazine article, or book chapter: please attribute any text you use (get in touch if you’re not sure how).

The first longform article: Swine Flew: the curious case of the Gerasene Demoniac, a political take on a well known Bible tale, will go online on the 26th of January 2019.