profile1Simon Cross is an activist, author, chaplain, researcher, spiritual companion and trainer.

As well as being engaged in community and pastoral work, Simon runs retreats, workshops and ‘house conferences’ working particularly with those who find themselves undergoing a religious or spiritual ‘deconstruction’ of some sort.

“My aim is not to bring about some sort of reconstruction, but to help people come to terms with what they are going through and have been through, recognising that this process is often troubling on a number of levels.”

Simon is known for his firm and longstanding commitment to ‘hands on’ positive community engagement. He also writes and teaches about: Spirituality, religious affairs, health & wellbeing, and meditation.

Simon’s academic interests include: Process theology and other relational theologies, practical theology, weak theology, theopoetics, activism, mysticism, existentialism, absurdism, spiritual capital, and post secularism. Simon is a trustee of the Progressive Christianity Network (Britain), and he’s a member of the Steering Group of the Theology, Religion and Popular Culture Network.

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Until the camels have their own historians, tales of wise men will always be told: