Dangerous Liturgy

‘Got to kick at the darkness ’til it bleeds daylight’.
Bruce Cockburn (Lovers in a Dangerous Time)

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During ten weeks of the UK lockdown, my friend Andy and I produced a weekly ‘liturgy’ (in this case: a curated collection of poems, prayers, illustrations, photos, songs, reflections, meditations and much more besides). We were supported in the project by dozens of talented individuals who gave us pieces of their work to use, in some cases making new pieces of work, in others allowing us to use work that has appeared elsewhere. All of them are from a range of different backgrounds and perspectives, combined together they seem to bring a mixture of comfort, provocation, inspiration and perhaps a bit of intrigue.

These sheets are all below, and are free to download. They are designed to be used on your own, with those at home, or in an online group – whatever you can think of really.

The first series of ten is now over, but as of late June 2020 we’re looking at whether we might be able to do some more, or something similar in the future – if you want us to let you know if/when that happens, you can sign up to the mailing list and we’ll endeavour to keep you posted.

If you’re interested in understanding why we deliberately choose to include divergent voices and perspectives, you can read about it here.

Would you like to re-use any of the material from the liturgies for your own project, news sheet or service? Please follow these guidelines in order to do so:

1) If the material you want to use has no name on it, then it is mine (Simon’s) entirely, and I give you permission to use it as you wish, please just reference the Liturgy in a Dangerous Time project so others can find the resource.
2) If the material you want has someone’s name below it then please credit that person when you use the material. In some cases the material has been created especially for Liturgy in a Dangerous Time, in which case please credit the creator and reference the relevant liturgy. E.g. Andy Campbell, Liturgy in a Dangerous Time #2.
3) In a few cases the material has a copyright (c) mark on it, in those cases the copyright holders generously granted us permission to use the material – if you want to reuse it, please contact the copyright holders yourself to get their permission.

Sunday 21st of June: With contributions from Lat Blaylock, Andy Campbell, Lorraine Cavanagh, Liz Chart, Charlotte Gibson, Rob Halligan, Chris Howson, Dorrie Johnson, Mark Kensett, Emma Major, Ben Okafor, Sapphira Olson, Ben Solanky, Bruce Stanley & Yeshu Satsang Toronto

Sunday 14th of June: With contributions from Roo Bramley, Andy Campbell, Liz Chart, Justin Grounds, Mark Kensett, Emma Moreton & Andy Robertson.

Sunday 7th of June: With contributions from Brandy Chieco, Augustine Ihm, Laura James, Chine McDonald, Ben Okafor, Lukas Evans Santos & Azariah France Williams.

Go here for an updated version of ‘Liturgy #8’ which is themed around the issue of ‘Black Lives Matter’, along with links to other material from some of the contributors.

Sunday 31st May: With contributions from Ian Barnett, Lat Blaylock, Andy Campbell, Liz Chart, Chris Howson, Eric Johnson, Jo Love, Emma Major & Hannah Malcolm.

Sunday 24th May: With contributions from Mark Berry, Andy Campbell, Liz Chart, Dan Evans, Keith Hebden, Andy Hunter, Mark Kensett, Emma Major, Roger Mitchell, Virginia Moffatt, Billie Sylvain, James Stacey, Robb Sutherland, Ruth Sutherland, Barry Taylor, Tim Watson, & Ben Wildflower.

Sunday 17th May: With contributions from Steve Bird, Andy Campbell, Lorraine Cavanagh, Liz Chart, Charlotte Gibson, Alice Jolley, Mark Kensett, Luke Larner, Emma Moreton, Sally Nash, Amaka Okafor, Danny Pegg, Sounds Like Reign, Barry Taylor & Ruth Wells

Sunday 10th May: With contributions from Caroline Beckett, Julian Bond, Liz Chart, Justin Grounds, Mark Kensett, Emma Major, Sapphira Olson, Fiona Parker, Danny Pegg, Sekrit & Tim Watson.

Sunday 3rd May: With contributions from Andy Campbell, Chris Hale, Kerry and Ian Harris, Mark Kensett, Emma Major, Rachel Muers, Danny Pegg, Miranda Stone, Alice Watson, Tim Watson & Ben Wildflower.

Sunday 26th April: With contributions from Graham Adams, Lee Bains III, Andy Campbell, Lorraine Cavanagh, Mark Kensett, Emma Major, Nabeel Masih, Sapphira Olson, Rachel Summers, Tim Watson & Alison Webster.

graphic image of a number one.

Sunday 19th April: With contributions from Andy Campbell, Rob Halligan, Noel Irwin, Emma Major, Sapphira Olson, Thomas Oord, Ooberfuse & Rachel Summers.