Weekday meditations

I publish new material five days a week.

Which feels like quite a lot. 

You can join the hundreds of others who get my weekday emails too, they’re free.


(Photo by Maks Styazhkin)

They arrive in your inbox at 7.00am, monday to friday. They are almost always exactly three paragraphs long. They only take a couple of minutes to read, but might give you something to think about for the rest of the day.

They are intended to be thought provoking, and suitable for everyone, regardless of religious or philosophical conviction, or lack of. They aren’t dogmatic, they ask more questions than they give answers. Some of them are pretty funny – so people tell me. 

In 2019 I asked the readers to tell me what interested them most about the emails I send out.

They said things like:

“Simon’s daily meditations are the best thing that lands in my email inbox each day!”

“Want to find deeper meanings behind traditional narratives? It’s worth exploring the mind of Simon.”

“Takes me places other reflections don’t.”

“Simon’s emails are pithy and to the point. They encourage us to question our views and preconceptions.”

They make me think and feel which is a rare combination.”

“Simon has a unique way of saying something very profound with depth in a concise and simple way.

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From time to time through the year I do a special series of emails – including the infamous ‘alternative advent’ series which happens in the run up to Christmas. Other series have touched upon The Devil, The Bible, The Axial Age and The Good Life.