Weekday meditations

dailymedEvery week day I send out an email.

It arrives, Monday – Friday, at 7am, and it is always approximately three paragraphs long.

It takes only a couple of minutes to read. 

It’s specifically designed to be thought provoking, and applicable to everyone, regardless of religious conviction, or lack of.

Here are some of the things people said* about the emails I sent in 2018:

“Simon’s alternative devotions are not for the faint-hearted, at times they will disturb, challenge and even equip you to think outside the normal spiritual box.”

“Thought provoking and refreshingly different.”

“Thoughtful, honest and original…”

“Short, pointed, provocative, accessible – Simon’s daily Advent emails give me daily food for thought and action in three handy paragraphs.”

“I look forward to my daily devotional from Simon because it holds such freshness. Contemplating on the series has helped me to feel a freedom within my faith which has been lost over the years. It also feels a bit dangerous in a really exciting way! I love the way that Simon writes – loads of stuff packed into a funny and quirky and challenging chunk of words.”

“A great daily challenge without any dogma.”

“As a Christian on the uncomfortable and often lonely journey from a traditional to more progressive faith experience I am finding great comfort and joy from your daily emails. It’s like having a virtual companion on the journey. Thank you so much.”

*I didn’t pay any of them. Honest.

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