Weekday meditations

dailymedEvery week day I send out an email.

It arrives, Monday – Friday, at 7am, and it is always approximately three paragraphs long.

It takes only a couple of minutes to read. 

It’s specifically designed to be thought provoking, and applicable to everyone, regardless of religious conviction, or lack of.

It’s entirely free. 

Every week one or more subscribers emails me to tell me how they found something I wrote to be very helpful, or deeply resonant. Literally every week.

That’s because I’m providing them with something to do their own thought work with. Its really their own thoughts that they are finding helpful, not my writing. I pass them the ball, they choose how to play it.

Sometimes people unsubscribe. And that’s cool.

Other people subscribe for the first time. And then sometimes previous subscribers resubscribe. That’s all good too.

In general, the subscriber list continues to grow.

Sometimes we just don’t need extra stuff in our inboxes. At other times, a still point at the start of the day is just what we need. Something to think about while having a cuppa.

You can subscribe here.