SofP1Simon Cross is a writer and researcher, investigating ways in which spiritual capital may be said to develop in post secular society, looking particularly at the motivation that underlies participation in activity for the common good. (If you’re engaged with volunteering, activism, or charitable work, you can take part here.) Simon also speaks on a variety of topics related to spirituality and progressive approaches to Christianity.

Born in Scotland and raised in rural Northumberland, he went on to study Politics and Sociology at University, before embarking on a career in journalism. After a number of years as a freelance news reporter, he moved in to community work and went on to work for Oasis Community Partnerships as a Chaplain. Simon pursues postgraduate studies with the University of Hull where he is some way in to a part time theology PhD. He has previously gained postgraduate qualifications in advanced Chaplaincy studies, and the Politics of Positive Peace.

Simon talks and writes about the process of spiritual deconstruction and reflects on practical theological and social issues through the lenses of process theology, apophaticism, and theopoetics: challenging widely held distinctions and seeking new (or renewed) connections. He has published on the phenomenon of New Monasticism in the UK, and on nature connection in the Christian tradition.

As a journalist Simon wrote for a variety of publications including most of the national daily and Sunday newspapers in the UK, as well as a broad range of magazines and websites. He and his wife, Kelly, have two daughters.