Privacy policy

I work for Oasis Community Partnerships, and as such I am bound by their privacy policy, which you can read here. I’d encourage you to read it, should you want to get chapter and verse. Not all of it is applicable to your interaction with me though.

So, I do also have a simpler, more straightforward privacy policy, which tells you most of what you need to know about your dealings with me:

  1. I don’t share your data with anyone else, not even people in my organisation. If I need to share your data for any particular reason (e.g. you’ve booked on to a retreat, and I need to give your details to a venue), I will let you know and you can stop me if you want to.
  2. I won’t use your data to market things to you, unless you’ve given me specific permission to do so.
  3. I use Mailchimp to store my (very basic) mailing lists, they seem pretty secure to me. I use Eventbrite for event bookings, they seem ok too. If they have any data breaches, that’s on them, and they know that. My website is on WordPress, I don’t access any data from your browsing, and so far as I am aware, it’s not possible for me to do so.
  4. You can unsubscribe from anything that you sign up for. I don’t know about you, but I unsubscribe from things for various reasons, I won’t take it personally. You do what you need to do. We’re cool.

Fundamentally this privacy stuff is about honesty and respect, I will be honest with you, and I will respect your privacy. I’m not sneaky, and I won’t snaffle your information. That’s not how I roll.