Dangerous Liturgy #BLM

As part of our series of ‘Liturgies in a Dangerous Time’ we asked a few of our friends to let us include some of their thoughts, ideas, experiences and perspectives for an edition featuring only the voices of people of colour.

You can download an updated version of it here.

You can get the original version along with all the other published liturgies in the series here.

You may also be interested to see the following items which came out after our publication, which feature further material from some of the people who contributed to this liturgy.

Read about Augustine’s experience of racial discrimination within the church that he loves.

See Lukas talk about his lifelong experience of racism, from growing up in Brazil to putting his football kit on in British changing rooms.

Hear Chine lead an important discussion on BBC Radio 4.

You can also pre-order Azariah’s book ‘Ghost Ship’ which looks directly at the issue of institutional racism and the Church of England.

We are grateful for all the wisdom that these beloved ones have been willing to share with us. We’re grieved that in 2020 these conversations are still necessary.

It shouldn’t need to be said, but it does: Black Lives Matter.

Our thanks once again to Brandy Chieco, Augustine Ihm, Laura James, Phyllis Manners, Chine McDonald, Ben Okafor, Lukas Evans Santos  & Azariah France Williams