The Good Life

On a dusty road in ancient Athens a strange old man called Socrates accosted passers by.

He kept asking them annoying questions until eventually some of them got fed up with him.

Which was awkward.

Not least for him.

People have been thinking about The Good Life for a long time.

Wondering what it is.

And how to live it.

Socrates went on about it so much, they put him to death. When his pals tried to get him to escape, he decided that would defeat the point of The Good Life. We don’t know what his wife thought.

During the summer of 2020 I wrote some things about what a few of the world’s greatest and most sophisticated thinkers had to say about what it means to live a truly good life.

And now I’ve collected those bits of writing and one or two other things together in a book, which you can buy here.

Because The Good Life is there to be lived.

Unless, of course, you are Socrates.

Bonus free resources

The Golden Rule of the Good Life – a reflection by Jenny Jacobs. What does The Good Life look like in practise?

Music is definitely part of The Good Life for me, enjoy a relaxing 40 minutes with me by clicking play below.