Totally Devoted

In 2009 I wrote a book about the phenomenon of new monasticism in the UK. It was intended to document the new monastic ‘scene’ in the UK at the time, and to reflect a little on what new monasticism represented, where it had come from, and where it is likely to go.

It represents the sort of thing that I was particularly interested in a decade ago, and also the way I was thinking back then. In my opinion, it remains a very useful document of a movement which is still a vital and underground part of the British Church. I met many wonderful people in the course of researching that book, some of whom remain my very good friends today.

You can of course buy it in various places, and for the cheapest prices, I’m sure you know where to look. But if you want to, you can buy it directly from me for a couple of quid more. I’ll even devalue it by writing in it for you if you want (email me when you make the order to let me know). I have a stock of the books that are available to you at £5.30 including p&p.

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