I have worked as a professional journalist for over two decades. Initially I worked in hard news as a staff reporter with a press agency and then as a freelance news journalist working directly for national news desks. My work has been published in almost every national daily and Sunday newspaper in England, as well as a number of the Scottish papers and various daily and weekly regional papers too. As a freelance I also undertook investigative assignments for a range of clients.

I stopped working as a full time journalist in order to concentrate my attention elsewhere, but continued to write occasional features and pieces of news. Since leaving full time journalism I have also had a part time roles as an online news editor, worked with clients on PR and Media relations, and have carried out freelance information gathering assignments for private clients.

I no longer accept news gathering assignments for traditional or online media clients, but continue to write news articles and features on specialist subjects, I also write music reviews.



I regularly write music reviews for magazines, my specialism is in Fusion music, but I write about World Music more widely as well as reviewing rock, blues, folk and alternative music releases. My reviews are usually published in Songlines or R&R. I have a keen interest in music from other cultures, particularly when it embodies genre and cultural boundary crossing aspects.


I write about mental health and am always keen to know about interesting developments in the field, including books, events, and pieces of scientific research.


I write feature articles and reviews that relate to spirituality or religion, and occasionally write news stories about matters related to religion and in particular Christianity – these appear in different publications depending on the subject matter.


Songlines Magazine

News, features and reviews about the best music from around the world.


The UK’s best selling eclectic music magazine.

Men’s Fitness

News, features, and more about health and fitness, physical and mental.


If you have something that you want to get some publicity for, and which fits in with my specialist areas, please feel free to get in touch. Please understand that if you’re sending something for review I can’t control what gets published, not all reviews are published unless the magazines have commissioned them first. Please contact me before sending links or files, unsolicited material may be ignored. I generally only review books and music that have been supplied in a physical format. If you have any doubts please get in touch.