Dangerous Liturgy

‘Got to kick at the darkness ’til it bleeds daylight’.
Bruce Cockburn (Lovers in a Dangerous Time)

While we’re all in lockdown, my friend Andy and I are going to produce a weekly liturgy sheet, with contributions from lots of great people. The liturgy will be a mixture of prayers, illustrations, activities, poems, meditations, reflections etc. which we hope will bring you comfort, inspiration and perhaps a bit of intrigue.

These sheets are for use on your own, with those at home, or in an online group – whatever you can think of really. The contributors represent a range of voices and perspectives – a bit like a real community.

Click here to sign up and have them emailed to you for the duration of the project, or download them below.

Why do we deliberately include divergent voices and perspectives? Read more here.

Sunday 31st May: With contributions from Ian Barnett, Lat Blaylock, Andy Campbell, Liz Chart, Chris Howson, Eric Johnson, Jo Love, Emma Major & Hannah Malcolm.

Sunday 24th May: With contributions from Mark Berry, Andy Campbell, Liz Chart, Dan Evans, Keith Hebden, Andy Hunter, Mark Kensett, Emma Major, Roger Mitchell, Virginia Moffatt, Billie Sylvain, James Stacey, Robb Sutherland, Ruth Sutherland, Barry Taylor, Tim Watson, & Ben Wildflower.

Sunday 17th May: With contributions from Steve Bird, Andy Campbell, Lorraine Cavanagh, Liz Chart, Charlotte Gibson, Alice Jolley, Mark Kensett, Luke Larner, Emma Moreton, Sally Nash, Amaka Okafor, Danny Pegg, Sounds Like Reign, Barry Taylor & Ruth Wells

Sunday 10th May: With contributions from Caroline Beckett, Julian Bond, Liz Chart, Justin Grounds, Mark Kensett, Emma Major, Sapphira Olson, Fiona Parker, Danny Pegg, Sekrit & Tim Watson.

Sunday 3rd May: With contributions from Andy Campbell, Chris Hale, Kerry and Ian Harris, Mark Kensett, Emma Major, Rachel Muers, Danny Pegg, Miranda Stone, Alice Watson, Tim Watson & Ben Wildflower.

Sunday 26th April: With contributions from Graham Adams, Lee Bains III, Andy Campbell, Lorraine Cavanagh, Mark Kensett, Emma Major, Nabeel Masih, Sapphira Olson, Rachel Summers, Tim Watson & Alison Webster.

graphic image of a number one.

Sunday 19th April: With contributions from Andy Campbell, Rob Halligan, Noel Irwin, Emma Major, Sapphira Olson, Thomas Oord, Ooberfuse & Rachel Summers.