I offer workshops in a number of things, including…


file000118296555In this workshop I teach a number of different types of, or approaches to, meditation. My theory is that there is not necessarily one size that fits all, but there is one size that fits you. Very visual people often get on well with visualisation meditation techniques, for instance. In this workshop I’ll go through a number of different techniques, and participants will learn how to develop a meditation practice which works for them.

The Enneagram

Picture2Without doubt, the Enneagram is one of the most useful tools I’ve ever known. It’s a dynamic, nine pointed personality tool, which has been particularly developed in parts of the Christian church. Using the Enneagram is brilliant for self discovery, and also for working in teams. Participants have never failed yet to learn something new about themselves from one of these sessions, and if you have never explored the Enneagram before, then this could be revolutionary.

Building a morning routineleaf

It seems so simple, and yet it eludes so many of us. A morning routine is crucial to setting up your day. Too often we charge into a day with barely enough time to brush our teeth: this workshop teaches a different way. Incorporating both physical and other elements, participants will learn how to establish a morning routine which sets the pace and direction of their day. This also covers how to structure a healthy sleep pattern.


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