“The trials of our times”

In 1939, as his country went to war, Dietrich Bonhoeffer returned to Germany saying he couldn’t leave his compatriots to face the ‘trials of the time’ alone. It was a fateful decision, one which would ultimately end in his ignominious death.

At the time fascist populism was on the rise, countries around the world had faced years of financial pressures and fear of the other was turning into hatred and violence, demagogic leaders were exerting authoritarian rule. It was, in other words, a lot like today.

It was in this social and political crucible that Bonhoeffer developed a deep and complex theology, leaving a wealth of material that scholars have scrutinised and debated over the last several decades.

So what does Bonhoeffer’s theology, born and tested in the face of Nazism, have to say to us in the 21st century? His extraordinary output, collected in the form of books, sermons, essays and letters, includes thoughts on themes as diverse as “religionless Christianity” and “new monasticism”. What does his work have to say to us, as we undergo the trials of our times?

We are holding a special day conference to give space for the exploration of some of these themes, and will include PCN Britain’s Marcus Borg Memorial Lecture.

Location: Oasis Academy Mediacityuk

Date/time: 9/11/19 – 10am – 4pm

Price: £25 (inc refreshments and lunch) – click here to book.